Thursday, September 4, 2014

Amy Sweety Store : Disclaimer

Hi all, welcome to my blog!
Thank you for visiting!
 You can find brand new and pre-loved items here at great prices!
Brand new item sell at least 30% of than retail price.
 For natural reasons most of the items we sell are in a used condition.
 In order to give you an idea of what condition a specific item is in we use a classification system based on one to five stars.
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 The blog is still currently in the process of construction.

Do view whatever's here and come back for more updates Happy Shopping!
Our Business will be open 24/7.

For any queries,

please contact us by e.mail at

We will reply your email in a short span of time.

 Please allow us to send a confirmation or feedback at least in 2 days period.

 Our help-desk will be operated:
 Monday - Friday: 6PM-11PM Saturday: 8AM-3PM Sunday: 8PM-11PM
Due to increasing internet fraudulent cases, please note that we are using only this email :

You may also SMS us at 0197701080

 Apologies as calls will not be entertained.

Or leave your message here Please feel free to send us inquiries about our products or services.